Pradip’s Niyatra masterpiece ‘Yatraka Indreni Rang’ made public

Raya has unveiled Pradip Sapkota’s first work ‘Rainbow Color of Journey’.

Mayor of Panauti Municipality Bhim Neupane, senior writer Mohan Duwal and Shriom Shrestha have jointly unveiled the collection.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Neupane said that the municipality has started work in the field of development as well as literature, art and culture. He expressed the commitment of the city to continue working in these areas in the days to come.

On the occasion, senior writer Mohan Duwal made Kavre known as a district for producing writers. He said that Kavre is a district that gives birth to writers, poets and singers.

Speaking on the occasion, veteran writer Shriom Shrestha ‘Rodan’ said that even though Sapkota had brought Niyatra collection as his first work, it had the qualities of a strong Niyatra.

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