Nepal ranks 76th in the world famine list

Nepal ranks 76th in the Global Hunger Index. According to a study conducted in 116 countries, in 2021, Nepal and Bangladesh are ranked 76th.

Neighboring India is ranked 101st while Pakistan is ranked 92nd. According to the Global Hunger Index’s website, 18 countries, including China, Brazil and Kuwait, have the lowest GHI scores.

Nepal’s GHI score is 19.1. In a country with a GHI score of 50, the problem of hunger is considered to be at an all-time high. Congo, Somalia and Chad have a GHI score of more than 50.

The Global Hunger Index is a study of food and how much food people get in different countries. According to this index, it is concluded that the hunger eradication campaigns in different countries of the world have been successful or unsuccessful.

The study is being conducted jointly by Ireland’s aid agency Concern Worldwide and the German organization Belt Hunger Hill. The report raises concerns about the state of famine in India.

In 2020, it was studied in 107 countries around the world. India was ranked 94th.

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