Lok Dohori song ‘Pipaldande Thito’ in the market

Expatriate Nepali folk double artist Tej Rijal’s second folk double song has hit the market. Rijal, who hails from Sindhupalchok and is currently working in Malaysia, has released his second new folk song “Pipaldande Thito”.

Rijal has been trying to identify himself as a person with hope in music. Rijal, who loves Nepali folk music very much, is working hard for the upliftment of folk culture. Popular folk singers Gita Devi and Tej Rijal have given their voices in the song composed by incorporating the situation of Sindhupalchok. The words have been composed by Tej Rijal and the music has been composed by Gita Devi.

Video and Audio D.A.R. Movies & Films has launched in the market. The video stars Sanjeev Thakuri and Sirjana Kirati. Choreography has been done by Sanjeev Thakuri himself. Lately, DAR Movie has been releasing new music videos to the market every week with new and old artists.

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