Public Transport Fares Increased

The government has introduced new fares for public transport with effect from today.

The Department of Transport Management under the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Management has stated that new fares have been implemented across the country.

In the past, when determining the fare of public transport, the share of fuel was 35 percent and the share of other indicators was 65 percent, the department said.

Currently, the price of petrol and diesel has also gone up. The department has mentioned that the current fare has been increased based on the current price only on the fuel indicator in the ‘calculation chart’ keeping other indicators unchanged while determining the fare.

The department has clarified that the fare has been adjusted with effect from today as per the decision to adjust the fare.

The short, medium and long distance fares have been fixed separately. According to the new fare, passengers going to Ilam from Kathmandu will have to pay Rs 1,691. The fare to Kathmandu Kakadvitta is Rs 1,470.

The department has adjusted fares for a total of 286 routes across the country. The department has increased fares by 28 per cent for passenger vehicles, 20 per cent for hilly vehicles and 26 per cent for Terai roads.

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