Invitation to the State 3 Government to visit Gandaki

In the context of Visit Nepal 2020, the three state governments have been invited to observe the tourist area of ​​Gandaki.

The Gandaki state government has invited the three state governments to visit today. Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forests and Environment of Gandaki Vikas Lamsal has invited Chief Minister of Province 3 Dormani Poudel to visit Gandaki Tourism Year 2019-22. A team led by Minister Lamsal arrived in Hetauda under the Gandaki Tourism Promotion Campaign and urged the people of Province 3, including the Chief Minister, to visit Gandaki along with Pokhara.

Minister Lamsal said that the Gandaki state government has put tourism at the forefront on the basis of prosperity. He said that Nepalis should know Nepal and Gandaki is preparing to celebrate 2019 as the year of internal tourism and three years from 2019 to 2022.

He said that Gandaki expects to make a lot of progress through tourism within the next five years. “We expect Gandaki to attract 1.5 million tourists within the next three years alone,” said Minister Lamsal.

He said that an agreement has been reached with the concerned agencies for special discounts for 300 homestays in Gandaki and 600 hotels in Pokhara for the internal and external tourists during the visit year.

Accepting the invitation of Gandaki Pradesh, Chief Minister of Province 3 Dormani Poudel said that Province 3 would be positively involved in the promotion of tourism in Gandaki Pradesh. He expressed his commitment to help make Gandaki a success by participating in the internal tourism promotion campaign of the state and by involving other personalities of the state.

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