AYUSH wins gold in International Virtual Taekwondo

Ayush Dhungel of Naples Taekwondo Academy (NTA) has won gold in the first online international virtual taekwondo competition.

AYUSH won gold in the U-14 men’s singles event.

According to NTA President Ashok Khadka, 38 athletes from different countries participated in the competition organized by the Brazilian Taekwondo Federation.

Brazil came in second and Uruguay and Argentina came in third.

This is the sixth medal won by AYUSH in various domestic and international competitions during the period of Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Earlier, AYUSH had won silver in the competition in the United States and gold in the competitions in Malaysia and Thailand.

In the domestic competition, Kageshwari and Kathmandu won gold in the virtual competition.

Sudeshna Gurung, Pragati Kuikel and Shanti Rai are also participating in the competition.

The result of the rest of the game will be announced on Monday.

NTA president Khadka is playing the role of judge in the competition.

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